Wireless Access

In today's mobile era, there are increasing demands of wireless network for seamless accessibility to connect anywhere on any device. For such reason, enterprises and service providers need to ensure their customers always have the strongest, fastest wireless connection as demands increase.

DASAN offers 'Bluewave', a quality proven wireless solution that has been widely adopted by customers from government, schools, military, police to service providers.

  • Sustainable Wireless Service The Bluewave's redundancy and bypass functions enable wireless service available in every condition.
    The solution provides sustainable service even under system failure such as power off or AP breakdown.
  • Integrated Management using e-NMS e-NMS can manage and control all of devices from Access Point(AP), AP Controller to switch.
    The AP Controller also manages and controls all the APs more conviniently through Dashboard.
  • Verified Stability A wide range of references and certifications verify the Bluewave solution as a reliable and flexible solution.
  • Enhanced Security The Bluewave provides enhanced security with dedicated security switches and integrated AP+WIPS devices to inspect and perform security enforcement.

Service map

Wireless Access Service map


  • W7300 AP Controller
  • W7200 AP Controller
  • W110 Access Point
  • W120 Access Point
  • W130 Access Point
  • S4424/4524GP Security PoE Switch
  • V5624G Aggregation Switch
  • V8400 Backbone Switch
  • e-NMS