Mobile Backhaul

LTE drives every country on the globe. To cover soaring data traffic and meet higher expectation on QoS(Quality of Service), Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) need to find a way to upgrade their bandwidth, and at the same time maximize their market share with a new technology LTE/LTE-A.

DASAN' Mobile Backhaul helps you leverage your networks to address the growing demand for mobile bandwidth. Ensuring flexibility, scalability, and operational simplicity, our mobile network solutions enable MNOs to accelerate the delivery of mobile capacity, coverage, QoS. As more LTE users choose your service and consume more data lets you gain more revenue and market share.

  • Scalability at minimum cost DASAN’s Mobile Backhaul solution provides simple and separate backhaul topology from 1G/2.5G to 10G, enabling you to increase your overall addressable market without the need for intensive network investment.
  • Reliability The solution brings a strong suite of traffic management and resiliency capabilities via functions such as control and switch fabric redundancy, advanced OAM and G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection that can ensure end-to-end reliability for mobile backhaul environments.
  • Mobile/Fixed Convergence By separate tunneling, different operators can share the same network for multiple services such as macro-cell traffic aggregation for mobile service, and IPTV broadcasting.

Service map

Mobile Backhaul Service map