Broadband Access FTTx

DASAN's FTTx Broadband Access Solutions deliver ideal bandwidth solutions to give service providers the ability to fulfill their customers’ growing demands.
And DASAN's Copper Line Broadband Access products offer solutions that extend Gigabit services to legacy brown field areas where it is difficult to lay new fiber. DASAN Copper Line solutions meet the demand for faster and new services while reducing costs and avoiding the challenges of fiber installation to every home. Leveraging a mixture of existing copper and fiber DASAN's Copper Line Broadband Access Solutions deliver ultra-high speed broadband services to more customers.

Optical Line Monitoring
Broadband Access FTTx / Optical Line Monitoring / Optical Line Monitoring PDF
ftth Central office operates a lot of optical fibers both network side and client side when FTTx solution for broadband, more and more required as optical fiber line management. General optical line monitor solution is using as OTDR, the detached the service port and connected OTDR tester, therefore the in-service optical line management is very hard.
DASAN's Optical Line Monitoring system consist as 1xN OSW(Optical Switch) and WDM filter from OTDR signal TDM based gathering information, for online optical fiber cable monitoring equipment, high integration, complete function with 1U to 3U height. Depends on the monitoring port number, config as 8 ports to 32 ports in one box.
DASAN OLM supports as OTDR integrated(option) and out-of band OTDR also possible. DASAN OLM provides 2 PSU (Power Supply Unit) slots and hot-Swapping on the transponder module and easy managing by CLI display.
• From 1U to 4U Selectable
• PON Optical Line Monitoring Function
• 1625nm, 1650nm OTDR signal selection
• Low loss insertion and Fast Switching
• Operating range is 1600nm ~ 1670nm
• High Resolution SOR Report
• Maximum Monitoring Ports in Box is 32
• Integrated OTDR possible(Option)
• Time interval Control function
• User Friendly Interface support
• Dual Power Supply support as How Swap
• Remote Control Panel Support
Working Wavelength (Unit : nm) Type of Port
- OLT Port : 1310/1490/1550 (1260~1590)
- OTDR Port : 1650(1610~1670)
- COM Port : 1310/1490/1550/1650
Insertion Loss (Unit : dB) Direction
- OTDR to COM : Max. 2.0
- COM to OTDR : Max. 1.0
Isolation (Unit : dB) Direction
- COM to OTDR : Min. 30
- COM to OLT : Min. 17
Interfaces Total 65 Ports(SC/PC Type)
- 1 port OTDR(Input)
- 32 port OLT(Input)
- 32 port COM(Bi-direction)
Return Loss Min. 50dB
PDL Max. 0.05dB
WDL Max. 0.25dB
TDL Max. 0.25 dB
Repeatability Max. 0.05 dB
Durability Min. 10M
Power 500mW
OSW Switching Time
Working Mode Manual Mode
SCAN Channel 1 ~ 16
Factory Default : 00 Hour 01 Minutes 00 Seconds
Current Channel 1
Management 1 Serial Port
1 RJ-45
Serial Port Setting Specification
- Speed : 115200 baud
- Data Bits : 8 Bits
- Stop Bit : 1
- No Parity
Ethernet Port Setup Specification
- IP Address :
- Net Mask :
- Gateway :
Network Configuration
Network configuration