Acknowledged only by ‘competence’ and ‘performance’
regardless of ages or academic background

DASAN Group is creating a corporate culture in
which employees are acknowledged only by their competence and
performance regardless of ages or academic background.

Fair Reward

Individuals and organization grow together
DASAN Group is making continuous
efforts to establish a corporate culture that individuals
and organization grow together.

Fair Opportunity

Opportunity and growth culture for everyone
DASAN Group supports both executives and employees so that they can
grow with a fair opportunity. Easy department transfer and many chance of training
allow our employees to find a new opportunity by themselves.


DASAN Group provides a variety of systematic talent fostering programs for employees who
continuously learn and grow. We offer a customized training program, instead of standardized program,
that meets the goal and duty of individuals, to foster competent employees efficiently.

  • Promotion Training

  • Duty Training

  • Basic Quality Training

  • General Training

  • On-the-job Training


The DASAN Group provides a full benefit package to provide its employees with a healthy lifestyle.

  • Financial
    Support Program

    Housing Fund Loan

    table Fund Loan

    Children Education Loan

    Gifts for Congratulations/Condolences

    Gifts for Birthdays

  • Career
    Support Program

    Reward Program

    Welfare Point Saving Program

    Meals for overtime work

    Parking Fee Support

    Café and Sport Center

    Happy Lunch Time Program

  • Leisure
    Support Program

    Recreational Facilities

    Self-development Support

    Club Activity Support

    Family Day