• DASAN, Ambition for Technology and its Values for Better Tomorrow

    DASAN Group have emerged from dedication of DASAN Networks. Over the years, DASAN Networks have significantly contributed to the development of Korea into a high-speed Internet powerhouse by leading both fixed and wireless telecommunication equipment in the domestic market. As of today, DASAN Group has major subsidiaries including but not limited to ‘DZS (NASDAQ-listed)’, a global leader in fiber access transformation; ‘SOLUETA (KOSDAQ-listed)’, a #1 in electromagnetic field with functional materials; ‘DMC’, a traditional auto-parts company; ‘DTS’, an expert in heat exchangers. As a driving force, DASAN also nurtures in B2C product sales and business in services.

    Through responsible management, each of DASAN’s subsidiary pursues fast and yet efficient business operation. Concurrently, through cooperation, DASAN is constructing technologies and its values to make a brighter future such as connected cars and IoT services. Furthermore, DASAN is striding towards to grow into a global, small-but-strong, company in various industries such as Information and Communications, Engineering, Auto-Parts and Materials. These industries are the basic building blocks for industrial development through its endless technological and management innovations.

    Korea’s #1 High-Speed Internet Solution Company

    DASAN Networks started as the 1st generation venture company in 1993; and soon became Korea’s #1 network solution provider in which has contributed to both localization and popularization of high-speed Internet technology. It has helped Korea to become an Internet powerhouse. Since 2000, starting with Japan, it has grown to become a global network solution provider by supplying advanced telecommunications technology to all parts of the world. In 2016, DASAN Networks have acquired DZS (NASDAQ-listed), a global leader in fiber access transformation, to expedite globalization.