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The DASAN Group, with DASAN Networks at its center, a market leader of network solution in Korea which contributed greatly in helping Korea becoming an IT power house, is consisted of many other companies such as: HandySoft (Software), DMC (Auto parts), Solueta (Electromagnetic wave shielding material), and DTS (Heat exchanger).

In order to expand its global outreach, DASAN became a holding company in April, 2015, and has divided its Network, Software, Auto Parts, Engineering, and Material Industry. The division has helped each company focus more on its specialties.

DASAN’s network business is divided into two parts to effectively manage Carrier Business and Enterprise Business; while ‘DASAN Networks’ focuses on the Corporate and Public business cases, ‘DASAN Network Solutions’ focuses on Telecom operators, with presence in the U.S. Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, France and India.


DASAN Networks

Korea’s #1 Internet Solution Provider

DASAN Networks has been the main contributor of Korea becoming an IT power house. Now, DASAN Networks is going beyond Korea into Asia, Europe, North America, and other parts around the world to connect the world into one.

Entrepreneurial Spirit & Venture Mentality

DASAN Networks started with four people in 1993, and faced endless challenges and overcame many obstacles to become the #1 Network Solution Provider in Korea. It has helped Korea become an IT power house, and is acknowledged globally for the quality of products and services it provides.

Technical Development & Customer Satisfaction

DASAN Networks is a R&D-centric company, with customer satisfaction as its first priority. DASAN Networks re-invests a great part of its profits into R&D to develop new technology and provide better products and services to its customers. DASAN Networks partners with many domestic and international Research Institutes and labs to adapt to new technology. DASAN Networks is not hesitant to cooperate with others when it comes to research, development, and future business cases.

DASAN Networks
Foundation March 1993
CEO MinWoo Nam
Capital 11,209,628,500 KRW (Fixed date : 2015)
Location DASAN Tower, 49, Daewangpangyo-ro644Beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 463-400 KOREA
Main Business The holding Company of DASAN Group
Network Equipment Development and SI/NI Solutions
  • - FTTx GPON/EPON OLT/ONT, Ethernet/Security Switches, Mobile Backhaul/Fronthaul, PTN, Wireless LAN, Internet Devices