About Our Business

DASAN Networks

IoT Leader in Hyper-connected Era

DASAN Networks has expanded its horizons with its roots in the network industry as Korea’s #1 communications equipment company. DASAN Networks is now becoming a leader in the IoT industry as it creates synergy amongst its subsidiaries and affiliates, in the fields of IT solutions and services, as a holdings company.

  Core business areas are Enterprise Solutions and Services targeted for the corporate and public markets. With a strong base in Enterprise Network Solutions and Network Security, DASAN Networks is providing IoT Services and bringing a smarter era, for schools, military, tourism, transportation and construction sites.

Main products include FTTx G/EPON OLT/ONT and Ethernet Switch for Enterprises, Wireless AP/AP Controller, Security Switch and IoT device.

DASAN Network Solutions

Global Network Solution Provider

DASAN Network Solutions (DNS) is becoming a global corporation with its focus in Network Solutions for Telecommunication Companies around the world. DNS is the #1 Network Solution Provider for KT, SKB, LG U+ in Korea, and has been supplying its solutions to SoftBank in Japan, Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan, Viettel in Vietnam, and other major Telecom operators around the world.

  DNS provides end-to-end solutions from core-edge to access and terminals for telecom operators, and has offices and corporate bodies located around the globe to provide a more intimate service.

DNS was the first in Korea to commercialize the frame-relay router in 1998, and was the world’s first to commercialize a Linux-based router in 2000. Ever since, DNS has continued its research and development regarding network solutions, and has become a market leader with multiple R&D centers in various countries including Korea, China, India, and Vietnam.

  In order to provide better solutions for telecom operators, DNS is expanding its product line-up through continued research, which now includes FTTx G/EPON OLT/ONT, Ethernet Switches, Mobile Backhaul/Fronthaul, PTN and SDN equipment.